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So, about Japanese, Korean, and kawaii stickers... You all know my sticker love grows from a memory that many of us share. It includes high top Reeboks, jelly bracelets, and Units in every color I could get my hands on (remember, those tube like separates that you could wear as shirts, skirts, belts, etc?!).  Yes, as a child of the 80's I appreciate the fact that many of today's stickers are just as they once were - sold on the roll, one square at a time. But guess what? As an 80's girl in my thirties, I am as gaga over the latest and greatest coming from Korea and Japan now as I once was with Mrs. Grossmans and Sandylion. These countries are definitely putting out the cutest, most fun and original stickers these days - and they're all just so COOL (like, Beyonce cool). I'm mentally in Tokyo on a buying trip next year, anyone want to watch my kids so it can actually happen? Keyboard + cute Korean stickers If you're travel plans are like mine (only in your dreams), you can score some of these cute sticker designs in our Pro Club! There are a few sheets in each month's Pro pack, so if you're not already in the club, subscribe for ALL the fun! Previously on: Pipsticks Sticker Watch.  We've seen smelly scratch n sniff stickers, beautiful suatelier stickers, funky puffy stickers, and now check out these Japanese and Korean stickers...

Japanese Sticker and Korean Sticker faves

shiba-inus-and-watermelon_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Dog Watermelon and Shiba Inus?! What a winning combo. These cool dawgs (as Randy Jackson would say) are so playful, a must in any sticker collection. polar-bears_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Polar bear With Halloween right around the corner we suggest you get your hands on these Japanese polar bear stickers! They're costumes are totally rad #costumegoals patterned-giraffes_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Giraffe Seriously though, these tiny giraffe stickers pack a punch with color and funky patterns! pandas_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Panda You think the Panda Korean Sticker with the headphones is listening to "Panda" by Desiigner? Naww that would be too cute! Love the Panda and Hedgehogs little shocked expressions! Which one is your favorite? owls_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Owl WHO doesn't love a good owl sticker!? Owl tell ya who, no one! mini-ghosts_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Ghost Ghosting, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date (I'm usually WAY behind on new lingo, so pat on the back for me). These ghost Japanese stickers will never "ghost" you. They're too sweet looking! mini-dinosaurs_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Dinosaur What do you call a plated dinosaur when he's sleeping? A Stega-snore-us.  Yeah, that was bad... but these Japanese dinosaur stickers aren't!  The pink t-rex is my fave, what's yours? korean-character_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Panda These Korean stickers may cause pandemonium they are so funny. The panda's little expressions crack me up! dinosaurs_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Dinosaur Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Because the P is silent.  More silly japanese dinosaur stickers?! I'm totally for it! cats2_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Cat Cats are totally trendy right now and these Korean cat stickers are no exception. I think these would be perfect in any planner?! cartoon-men_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Storytime How much fun would it be to create a comic strip out of these stickers? Do it! cartoon-characters_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Men A debate that has plagued the Pipstick studio: men with or without facial hair? Whatever your opinion on hairy men is, these sticker men are adorable! cartoon-animal-character_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Storytime Cracking up at the very hairy... um fluffy creatures? What would you call them? Personally, I'm going with alpaca. birds_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Birds These Japanese sticker birds look anything but angry! Just cute and slightly confused. bears_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Bears These Japanese bear stickers are unbearably cute! But bear with me, the little bees are my favorite. Anyone else wanna go camping now?! animals3_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Animals Quite possibly the cutest zoo animals I've ever seen. I mean look at that bear all slumped over, he looks like me after three slices of pizza! These stickers would definitely add adorable flair to any snail mail. asian-characters_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Smiley These Japanese stickers are beautiful, from their Asian-inspired patterns, to the sweet smiling faces! Although, it is a little odd that the fish seems to be happy, despite being caught by the cat (LOL). animals_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Animals How sweet do these little critters look holding hands?! I think the goofy Alligator is my favorite, what's yours? alligators_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Alligators Speaking of alligators, these jazzy Japanese gator stickers look like they should be lounging in Louisiana on Burborn Street. neon-cartoon-characters_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Neon Calling all my party people! These funky neon stickers are calling your name like "Hello so-and-so, we're super cool and you should definitely put us in your sticker collection!" Party on little sticker people. neon-cartoon-things2_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Neon These funky neon stickers are so perfect for any girly-girl.  I mean... shoes, perfume, tiaras, and sunnies! What more could a girl ask for? neon-cartoon-things_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Neon Continuing on this neon trend, another fabulously bright sticker sheet has a little more of a male flair! Doesn't looking at them just make you happy? photos2_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Kitschy These Korean stickers are so funky and colorful they make me swoon.  How cute are the cartoons in the pictures? Which picture is your favorite? korean-cartoon-girl_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Korean These little cartoon stickers are the definition of "feels".  The most descriptive tiny sticker people I've ever seen! I especially like the one the with the cat :) japanese-snow-bunnies_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Japanese Festive stickers are always fun! Especially the snowmen on this Japanese sticker sheet. japanese-rice-balls_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Japanese How cool and simple are these Japanese stickers?! Just all around fun. japanese-things_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Asian-inspired *Swoon* these stickers are so beautiful. Period.  From the kimonos to the watermelon, the colors are crisp and the patterns are fun! Which kimono would you wear? hedgehogs_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Adorable Little baby hedgehogs... or porcupines? You be the judge. Either way, they are undeniably adorable. These stickers deserve to be placed on only the cutest little snail mail letter.  Where would you stick 'em? gold-ghosts_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Ghosts These boo-tiful little ghosts are the perfect sticker to prepare for halloween! Definitely a must have for the holiday. goldfish_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Japanese There's something fishy about how gorgeous these fish stickers are. colorful-hippos_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Hippos These hippo stickers are wonderfully colorful. They could brighten up any planner or snail mail letter. They definitely look hungry, hungry! cats5_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Kitties These Korean kitten stickers look so playful, ready to pounce all over your planer! Seriously perrrfect! cats4_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Kitties If you heart cats these stickers are a must have in your collection! The only downside... they make me want a cat nap real bad. cats2_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Kitties More of these lovely little Japanese stickers!? You bet! I especially love the little kitty reading to himself, which one is your favorite? cats_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Kitties We weren't done yet... more Korean cat stickers! And look, they're cooking up a storm. cartoon-cats3_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Cats Got your fill of Korean style cat stickers? Well, here's a look at some of the Japanese inspired felines! The cat obsession is real my friends. cartoon-cats2_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Kitties STILL wanting more cat stickers, right meow?! Boy do I have you covered. calendar-stickers_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Planner cats These Korean cat stickers are perrrfect for planning (yes, I know I've used this pun before but throw me a bone, there are A LOT of cats in this round up!) japanese sticker animals KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: OH MY Tigers, and cats, and... hippos? OH MY! Any other guesses as to what those red creatures are? alice-in-wonderland-character_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Alice How cute is this little Alice in her sticker wonderland?  I think it would be so fun to make a comic strip out of these stickers.  Any thoughts on a plot? sweet-snacks_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Sweet These korean stickers look sweet enough to eat. Which dessert would you wolf down? 8-bit-ghosts_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: These pixelated ghosts are pure fun and so colorful, if they're trying to scare me they're not doing a very good job. rabbit-tea-party_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Bunnies Need some motivational bunnies to stick on your planner? Well hop on over and subscribe to Pipsticks and these could possibly pop in your mailbox next month! milk-rabbit2_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Bunnies Some more Korean bunny stickers, they are so cute... some might even say they are hare raising ;) milk-rabbit_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Bunnies Now these bunnies look seriously beat.  The sleepiest bunnies I've ever seen, perhaps they are perfect stickers for weekend spots in your planner? cochonn-christmas_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Holidays These Korean holiday stickers scream planner fun! The cute pigs are just an added bonus. cochonn-character_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Pigs My goodness, the pig getting abducted is so silly and one of my favorite stickers in this collection.  Which little piggy is your favorite? encouraging-words_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Korean These stickers say it all (literally.  Need a sticker that speaks for itself? Well here you go. party_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Party It's party time! (or at least it is on this sticker sheet).  Wine, hotdogs, and music, looks like a party I'd like to be invited to! perfumes_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Perfume What is your go-to perfume? round-animals_735 KINGDOM: Stickers > PHYLUM: Gorgeous > Class: Fluffballs These Japanese fluffball stickers (seriously, are they bears?)  are lethargic in the cutest way possible.  Try to be cuter than this sticker, I dare ya. Phew! Okay what did you think? Watch this space because this roundup didn't even scratch the surface of our collection :) More to come in this month's Pro pack. Mo xoxo p.s. Scratch n sniffs, Suatelier Stickers, Kawaii stickers
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- April 09, 2024

Hellow my name is Martinhog. Wery good post! Thx :)


- April 09, 2024

I love your rainbow keyboard – could you please tell me where you got it so that I can copy you?? Many thanks!

Heather L

- April 09, 2024

I signed up too late to get there. I don’t think out H Mart (Korean supermarket) has stickers, but I bet Daiso (Japanese 100 yen/dollar store) does!!! I’ll have to look next time I head that way!!


- April 09, 2024

Ooo! I really hope we get the Shiba stickers in one of the next pro packs!!! They would be perfect for my letter writing <3


- April 09, 2024

I think it would be amazing if you guys could do a Korean and Japanese speciality pack. I would buy that right up, as these stickers are always my favourite.

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