Pip Tip Tuesday & Grand Prize Planner Giveaway

If you're like me, your handbag (or tote) contains at least three of the following in addition to the standard phone, wallet, keys combo:
  • dirty sock
  • half bottle of water
  • crumpled receipts
  • a remote control (to something)
  • ziplock with snack crumbs
  • a battery
  • a charger cord
  • napkins ...you get the idea (and I literally just threw my son's dirty sock at Jenna!).
Its because of this sort of chaos that I find particular solace and joy in a clean, organized planner! That said, I'm often at a stoplight, out and about, or at Target with the mother-of-all-shopping-carts loaded down with the kids and 1,249 rolls of toilet paper when I think of something that I want to add to my calendar or to-do list. This week's tip...
Keep a little planner side-kick!
Rather than haul my planner on day-to-day errands, I keep a smallish white leather pouch (I'd buy this one now) with a little journal where I can jot down notes and things that come to mind, a pen, and planner clips to clip together post its, business cards, and other stuff people give me that I want to hold on to. This island of organization floats in the abyss of my bag and I know that the essentials are there where and when I need them (the kids also know that this pouch is OFF LIMITS). I also put it next to my bed at night (because inevitably, that's when my most creative ideas come!). Then when I have the chance, I transcribe any additions to my planner. Easy as pie. And totally organized (if I do say so myself!). Now let's get to the reason you REALLY came here today...


CONGRATS Melissa Tamer!!! This GRAND PRIZE is rad and I had SO much fun putting it together! Not only do you get this beautiful Paper Source planner (that I kinda want to put on my wall instead of in my sidekick), you also get a bunch of awesome goodies + a $20 Pipsticks gift card to use in our Sticker Shop!
A little product detail...
Paper Source Planner: this planner isn't just a pretty face. It's detailed, sleek, and makes it super easy to keep yourself organized! ban.do Calendar: Want to have the BEST YEAR EVER?! Well, ban.do promises that with this fun and vibrant calendar. It's perfect for my inspo board, and I can't wait to share it with you. Poppin Pencil Pouch: Gold and shiny and gold and shiny... did I say gold and shiny? OMG, this pencil pouch will go PERFECTLY with your new planner sidekick! It'll keep you organized and feeling like Beyonce. Kikkerland Wire Clips: Clearly I'm on a gold kick! These wire clips are simple and pretty and they definitely stand out in the chaos on my desk right now! You'll get five with the grand prize.   Girl of All Work Adhesive Tabs: We all know that being organized doesn't mean you have to be boring! These cute little adhesive tabs have an easy writable surface and will keep your files looking pretty. Hello gold + pink :) Foil Stamped Page Flags: Flip to the pages you need quickly and with ease with these adorable page flags. Simple and stylish. I cannot say no to anything color blocked these days. Sparkle Washi Tape: So I know you guys LOVE your washi tape, and I couldn't do a MEGA giveaway without throwing a few rolls in. You'll get fuschia, light pink, gold, and black sparkle washi that won't get glitter everywhere (I promise!). Color Luxe Fine Tip Gel Pens: These fine tip gel pens are awesome for coloring coding your planner, writing lists, sending letters, or signing your name on a permission slip. In rainbow colors!! C.R. Gibson Binder Clips: These SUPER adorable binder clips are sure to keep you smiling while you're organizing. With quotes like "Keep it Together" and "Need Some Coffee", they're keeping it real in addition to looking good. Packed Party Confetti Pouch: OK, so Jenna may not let this leave the office. It's been sitting pretty on her desk all day and she's more than a little obsessed with it. But, let's be honest, who wouldn't be?! The confetti is sandwiched in the lining so it won't fall out. Revolutionary!! Kate Spade Notepad: I think if I kept these, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to use them! This super fancy telegram notepad is the perfect addition to your desk and will keep you looking extra classy, even when things are a mess! MOMA Tote Bag: AND, I couldn't give you all this stuff without something cute to carry it around in. I bought this bag for myself when I was in NYC a few weeks ago, carried it around all week, and then went back and bought another one for you guys because it was so awesome. Cori (AKA @theresetgirl) was all heart eyes when she saw it at Alt Summit last week too :)  


Follow the instructions below! PIPSTICKS MEGA GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY Don’t have social media? Not a problem, share what your favorite item is in the Grand Prize in the comments below and I’ll make sure you’re entered to win! Contest ends at 12pm PST on Monday, February 13th. Winners will be announced Tuesday, February 14th, and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions
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Donna Warriner

- April 09, 2024

Thank you! ? Too many fun pieces to choose just ONE favorite! But if I have to pick just one…… I’m going to say the planner. ?


- April 09, 2024

You have put together and amazing giveaway! Thank you for a chance to win! I love every single item, and especially the bags! The confetti bag is too fun! I love to put confetti in letters.

Sharon Mund

- April 09, 2024

Love the planner (practical) and the confetti bag (just because it’s sparkly)!

Emma Steed

- April 09, 2024

Love the calendar!

Hui Shi

- April 09, 2024

I think the fine tip gel pens are the coolest

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