Fanmail Giveaway - Your Most Treasured Sticker ?

Fanmail Giveaway!!! Your Most Treasured Sticker ?

As you probably know, we LOVE getting snail mail, especially from our favorite people - YOU! Let's be real, you just really GET us ?

This month for our Fanmail Giveaway we are asking you to tell us about your more TREASURED sticker ever! Don't worry, we're not asking you to SEND us the actual sticker, that would be kind of cruel ? But tell us about it in your snail mail - draw a picture, snap a photo, or describe it! This could be a sticker from your past, or one you have in your collection now! Send us your snail mail entries by MARCH 17th to be entered to win big!

We're giving away the coolest Polaroid camera, for capturing all the treasured moments! Plus a TON of stickers to go with it, so you can decorate your camera, scrapbook with them, or treasure them in your sticker collection for years to come ?

Mail your Treasured Sticker Snail Mail to:
Sticker Squad
1304 Garden Street
San Luis Obispo, California

We can't wait to hear all out your most treasured stickers! ✨?

*UPDATE: Winner is Sherry D.! Congrats and thank you for participating!*

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Angela Savage Ice

- April 09, 2024

Mo & Crew,

I can’t tell you what these darn stickers have done for me. ? They have led to a sort of sticker therapy, new friendships, and a new way to be creative!!!! ? In other words, thank you!??

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