Fanmail Friday: Zoom revelations

Fanmail Friday: Zoom revelations

Happy Friday!

How was your week? I spent my days this week split between developing new products (my VERY favorite thing to do!) and meetings. PRO TIP: Recently I discovered the magic of turning off "self view" on Zoom, and it's revolutionized my experience...

While I don't think of myself as a self-obsessed person, my subconscious must be checking herself out because this no-self-view thing has made SUCH a difference. Meetings feel way more engaged when I can fill my screen with someone ELSE'S face. HIghly recommend :)

I'm two weeks in to posting on IG stories EVERY DAY and feeling 1. pretty proud of myself (consistency is tough) and 2. way more connected!! It's been so great to get your DMs, recommendations, and feedback!

If I'm being honest, like most (all?) founders, over the years my role at Pipsticks has become less and less "sexy" in terms of behind the scenes content. The time I used to spend physically making things is now mostly consumed by management, meetings, and higher level art direction and business strategy.

Being on stories though has made me realize all of the little things that I'm still intentional about that do inspire my work at Pips: Finding pretty color combos on my morning walk to coffee, taking time in between to-dos to weave/ sticker my journal/ read a cool mag, looking for opportunities (like Pi Day) to have fun, celebrate silly things, and be around people who make me feel happy.

It's also motivated me to integrate more of what used to light me up back into my day-to-day. So, if you're on social media, please come say hi :)

Have a fantastic weekend! Big hugs,

xoxo Mo

p.s. We're dropping Subscription Pack Mystery Bundles on Monday!! These are a MEGA DEAL and hands-down the best way to beef up your sticker collection. Mark your calendar - they will go fast.


Spring shoes!

Always makes me laugh

OMG: Friendship bracelets + Jeans

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