Fanmail Friday: "Stickers were a bartering tool on the elementary school bus"

Lifelong sticker story right here, how cool!!!✨?
Hello Pipsticks team! I've loved stickers since I was a kid back in the days of Lisa Frank , Mrs. Grossman and (now obsolete) Sticker Central. My dad had jobs with sticker companies and used to be a stationery buyer for Target. My sticker books were my prized possessions.. and stickers were a bartering tool on the elementary school bus. I VIVIDLY remember trading a bunch of sticker sheets for a Boyband poster (still love *NSYNC + BSB equally)! As an (almost) 35 year old, I still collect (cough HOARD cough) stickers like crazy - covering snail mail envelopes with themed stickers. It's to the point that friends + family say they instantly know they have mail form me when they open their mail box due to all the stickers :) Honestly, the world has bee extra tough for everyone the last few years - so if a sparkly ice cream sticker covered envelope can make someone's day a little brighter, I think it's worth it. I love the nostalgic giddiness I get opening a new sheet - or finding the right sticker to put in my planner for a vacation, birthday, etc. My corporate job is full of big excel spreadsheets and big decisions - so I love any moment I can make my brain to feel pure fun + joy... which definitely happens with using stickers!!! Keep the sticker love coming! Laura

Happy Friday Penelope!

How has your week been? It's been a hectic one at Pipsticks as we're packing up our HQ Studio and moving to a new space. I'm heading over to the office to toast the close with our local team and have mixed feelings as we end this chapter.

With most of our team working remotely, we don't need a big space. Each time we make a change like this I think back through all the places we've been and re-mourn the closing of our shop during COVID (it was such a magical space!).

I've spent the week going through ALL THE THINGS, and digging up loads of Pipsticks relics - each a reminder of just how far we've come. I think it would be bittersweet if I weren't so excited about what's ahead.

Never before have I felt this supported by and in sync with my team, never before have we been making stickers and stationery as creative and high quality as we are, and never before have we had so many jaw dropping opportunities in the pipeline (just wait!).

So, even though transitions are always hard, I'm so grateful for all the ups and downs we've had to this point and am charging into those blue skies ahead!

p.s. IMPORTANT NOTE: please send Fanmail to our NEW address: Pipsticks, P.O. Box 13260, SLO, CA 93406

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