Fanmail Friday - My Bday!

How was your week? I had the best birthday week - punctuated by a snow day, Galentine's, AND Valentine's Day, whew! Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes :) We have been busy going through allllllll the things at the Pips warehouse in preparation for our Mystery Box drop on Monday (you get early access as a subscriber - yay)! As you may have seen, we're adding TWENTY golden tickets into random boxes, and entering everyone who purchases a mystery box into a grand prize drawing! The winner will get to choose the theme/art direct their very own sheet of Pipstickers (so fun right?!)! I always know it's going to be good when I actually want to buy the product we're getting ready to launch myself lol. I was cracking up (and feeling a little bit ridiculous) unboxing one of the mystery boxes with the girls yesterday - The oohing and ahhhing! The ripping stickers out of one another's hands! It was like we hadn't already seen everything in the box. It's just so fun to be surprised! Also, it's incredible how inspired I felt by the combination of surprise goodies. Just seeing random things together gave me loads of new ideas and I couldn't wait to sit down and use them all at once. I've got butterflies in my stomach anticipating the surprises that are ahead for all of our sticker lovers... Until then, have a fun weekend! Sending you big hugs, p.s. Have you seen our Spring + Easter collection in the online shop? THREE FUN THINGS: This dog!! So cool and inspiring My favorite new recipe  
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Hailee Mayer

- April 09, 2024

Your wisdom resonates with readers.

Osborne Wunsch

- April 09, 2024

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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