Fanmail Friday: "I love smelly stickers"

Sherry sent us a picture of her favorite sticker, and OMG how cute?!!!

Hi Pipsticks,

Here is a picture of my fav sticker. It's my fav because it's lemons (we have a lemon tree in our backyard. Plus my late grandpa William would sing me a lemon song about trees. It's also my fav because I ♥ smelly stickers. I used to collect as a kid! xo Sherry

Happy Friday!

How was your week? I feel a bit like my 13 yo son (who wears the same sweatshirt for 3 weeks straight) ever since our Stickers Merch launched this week lol. Our new sweatshirts are just. so. soft. And cute!

I've been getting tons of "love the sweatshirt" compliments from the most unlikely people walking through town which reaffirms my theory that there are LOADS of undercover sticker lovers all over the place - and we must band together to make the world a happier place together :)

After YEARS of people freaking out over my Stickers mug on social media it's so great to see them flying off the shelves (if you thought your morning coffee couldn't taste any better just wait!). This was a super fun new product to create - we really got into the whole "unboxing" experience with fancy new packaging and a a fun vinyl sticker to go with it!

The mug + sweatshirt combo is my new go-to gift for people like us (and don't forget, you get one of our dreamy sticker goodie bags when you pre-order one of each now!).

Hope your weekend is sunny and comfortable!

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