Fanmail Friday: "First off, thank you for existing!"

Such a sweet sticker love letter from Julia ?
Hi Pipsters! First off, thank you for existing! I love your amazing stickers :) I used to collect stickers as a kid but never stuck them anywhere. Now, as an adult, I stick them all over my journals and gifts/letters to my friends. Y'all have a FEELINGS sticker book and it's been my absolute favorite and it's been an amazing way to use stickers to express my feelings! I usually sackers bomb a page with them and it's fun to go back and see them all. I've  included a few of my favorites from it on this card, along with a few of my other faves! Sending the whole team the best vibes from Brooklyn! Best, Julia

Happy Friday!

You know how sometimes the universe aligns and everything converges to send you a message? Well I've been getting the Hello Kitty message LOUD and CLEAR this week.

First off, I was wearing a HK t-shirt and was stopped by SO many people who wanted to share in the fandom. They all freaked out when I told them about our new Sticker Club (two even signed up ON THE SPOT - Ella, my 12yo was continually mortified that I mentioned it lol).

Yesterday I stood next to two women talking about how much a spot on the sidewalk looked like Hello Kitty as I waited to cross the street (it did).

And finally, today I came home from picking up a coffee and there was an old Hello Kitty sneaker right outside of our gate. All of this is to say, the Hello Kitty craze is real and I'm totally here for it!

Our Hello Kitty Halloween Sticker Countdowns went on sale this week and we've just put in another order from our printer as we are almost SOLD OUT already!

The sold-out August Hello Kitty And Friends Sticker Club packs are landing in mailboxes and people are loving them (we still have some spots open for next month if you're not already in The Club)!

And finally, we're launching an amazing Hello Kitty giveaway on Instagram this weekend, so be sure to check it out and enter!

I hope you have the cutest weekend :)

p.s. Sneak peek of next month's Kids Club pack - it's SOOOO good! p.p.s. We love your letters! Send happymail to us at Pipsticks, P.O. Box 13260, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406.
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