Fanmail Friday: "I always buy sticker designs in pairs"

OMG look how cute this little sticker love stories book is!!!?       
Hello Pipstickers! Happy Valentine's Day! Enclosed is my sticker love story - I'm an artist in Massachusetts who mostly loves to draw super-cute monsters, an uses stickers (but always buys them in pairs!) Enjoy! Anne

Happy Friday!

How has your week been? It's been a tricky one for me - juggling kids out of school (teacher work day and rain closure), design deadlines, and lots of meetings. After weeks like this one I'm equally exhausted and very very proud of myself!

I was crying to my sister on the phone this morning during a moment of overwhelm (thank goodness for sisters!), and afterward I took a shower, put on some bright pink lipstick, and sat down to read some fanmail.

I can't tell you how quickly reading our mail centers me on what's really important: connection! So, if you've had a tough week too, know that I'm sending you some virtual fanmail vibes - you did it! Now, go relax and be nice to yourself :)

 We're all in this together, and things like fanmail, sisters, and stickers really help when everything else seems like too much!

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