Fanmail Friday: "Here is a beautiful rendition of my favorite sticker!"

Omg this recreation of Daniella's favorite sticker is adorable!
Dear Sticker Squad, Here is a beautiful rendition of my favorite sticker! I bought it from a small artist a while ago and I've never had the courage to actually use it! I love it to much ❤ I sadly don't remember the artist's name, but I really hope you all enjoy it :) Feel free to cut out my drawing and use it like a real sticker! Write back soon! From, Daniella Sanchez

Happy Friday!

I am writing from New Orleans where I've come to spend the weekend with a friend. It's been a long time since I found myself in a new city and I feel like a kid, wide eyed at all there is to see, do, EAT! I'm trying to manage my expectations though - I'm pretty sure there's NO chance of finding a GF beignet, right?!

This week was a bit bananas with our MEGA Stationery Sale (it's so fun to see what you all ordered), and lots of design deadlines. I'm so grateful for my team - each day I'm inundated with so many delightful illustrations, designs, and ideas that they send's like we can't move fast enough to get them all into production! It's also incredible how excited I am about the holidays given that it's not even summer lol. We're working on some SUPER cute new stuff that will launch later this year, and though it always throws off my sense of time to design holiday goodies in the spring, I may just turn into one of those celebrate-the-holidays-all-year-long kind of people :) Wish me luck on those beignets... p.s. OMG, next month's RAINBOW themed Stationery Subscription is crushing it - you're going to freak out over the super cute washi + stickers. Join the Stationery Club now before it sells out (and the price goes up next month)... p.p.s. We love your letters! Send happymail to us at Pipsticks, P.O. Box 13260, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 for a chance to win a LOAD of stationery goodies!
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