Fanmail Friday: Cute sticker find!

How fun are these state fair stickers Bonnie included on her postcard!!! ???
Dear Pipsticks Team, Last weekend, I went to the state fair and got these amazing stickers! I hope you like them! Your friend, Bonnie

Happy Friday!

I LOVE it when people send in fun stickers that they've found (OMG that hotdog from Bonnie is next level) in fanmail, because I know how fun it is to share awesome stickers with other sticker lovers (AKA the pips team)!

This week, a friend asked me what I used to do in my 20s that I miss doing now. I told her I used to spend my weekends making happymail for my favorite people. My grandpa (recently widowed at the time), my sister, my BFF from art school...

Thinking about it made me feel a little sad and I told her how much I missed the chance to send out delightful little packages.

She laughed out loud and then looked at me incredulously and pointed out "You do that every month but on, like, a GIGANTIC scale now." And guess what? I'd never made this (totally obvious) connection between my happy mail hobby and our sticker club.

But it's so true - we spend SO much time crafting each delivery, thinking about how everyone will open and look through their stickers, what little surprises we can add in, and how we can make each pack the HAPPIEST of mail!

So, I've made it a point to sign up all the people I've neglected in terms of hand made happymail over the past decade to the Pips Sticker Club!

This weekend, I'll be working on our family zine (more to come on that one!). I hope your weekend is crafty and long. Sending big hugs and permission to go easy on yourself if you need it :)

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