Fanmail Friday - Golden Tickets!

How was your week? We had SO much fun popping golden tickets into mystery boxes this week, and saved one last ticket to drop tomorrow in case there are any stragglers! We sold out of the boxes but spent yesterday rounding up more goodies and just restocked again, so there's still time if you didn't manage to snag one the first go round. These make the best gifts - I always keep them in the closet as a last minute bday gift or surprise for someone who needs a major dose of sunshine! Speaking of sunshine, it's Atticus's bday today - the THIRD in our family over the last two weeks! Both Indy and Atticus were due on my birthday (Feb 10) and thankfully they were both late - I wasn't too keen on the idea of sharing lol. As you may imagine, I don't go quietly when it comes to birthday celebrations but it's been incredible this year because the other kids have totally stepped up in helping me decorate late the night before so the birthday boy/girl has something magical to wake up to. I can't tell you how many years Nathan and I spent stringing up streamers and blowing up balloons at 2am after an exhausting day. This was WAY more fun. We're going to the museum of ice cream and rumor has it that they let you eat as much ice cream as you want! Totally birthday-worthy for a 14 year old boy :) I hope your weekend is full of sweet things too! Sending lots of love, p.s. Just restocked these cute stickers for Easter (the name is my favorite)! THREE THINGS: How pretty is this cake?! These nails! My inspiration for the week
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