Fanmail Friday: Sticker Hero

Happy Friday!

How has your week been? We launched our Mystery Subscription 6-Pack Bundles this week and they've been selling like crazy! They are hands-down the best Pipsticker deal we offer. And, for those of you interested in feeling like The Most Generous Do-Gooder In The World, they are your golden ticket.

Generally speaking, I usually remember to carry sticker packs with me when I'm traveling (to give wary parents on the plane), but it's when I happen to have a sparkly sticker pack in my bag at the right day-to-day moment that I feel truly HEROIC.

Whether it's the barista who just endured a serious pain-in-the-butt customer, the frantic neighbor girl who got locked out and has to chill outside until her parents get home, or the check out guy at Trader Joes who dreamily mentioned his childhood sticker collection while ringing up my frozen GF mac and cheese, the response has been OFF THE CHARTS when I've gifted them sparkly packs of Pipstickers.

Sometimes (when I'm not feeling social) I just hand them over and mysteriously move away, hearing squeals of excitement in my wake. Sometimes, I stick around to witness the sticker love fest it's ignited with everyone else around. Either way, I leave the scenario feeling like some sort of Super-Hero-Fairy-Godmother combo and it's the best.

I pulled out some old sample sticker packs for my sick kids this week and even though they've all gotten each month before, they were delighted to have a FRESH pack to dig in to. There're just so many ways to use these grab-and-go collections!

So, here's to spreading the sticker love and doing what we can to make someone else's day a little brighter.

Big hugs,

xoxo Mo




p.s. We've overhauled our MAGICAL SALE in Fanmail Friday below! Now it's a whole Magical Sale COLLECTION! These deals will change out week to week and include things that are low in stock, so ACT FAST!


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