Fanmail Friday: "thank you for reading my letter and for the beautiful stickers every month!"

This letter was just pear-fect! ?
Dear Mo + Pipsticks, I was so excited about the fruity happymail contest because I have a newfound love of a very special fruit... a pear! My last name became Pearman when I married the love of my life 5 years ago. I like to believe we're the perfect pear! I love my new family and new name more than anything and it instantly ignited my lave of pears. I collect as many as I can find- vintage pears. new pears, pear dishes, pear jewelry, but most importantly pear stickers! They're common enough that there is always hope of finding one, but rare enough that it's a special victory every time I find one. One extra special thing about pears is that my best best best friend forever has adopted my love of pears and adds to my collection regularly. She is a fellow sticker queen and is the are and first introduced me to Pipsticks! She finds and sends me the most amazing pear stickers and stationery. She sent me many of the stickers on this letter and the washi! We are long distance BFFs now so snail mail, stickers, and pears have become our love language. Most recently she surprised me by showing me her latest tattoo - a pear to represent our friendship! Needless to say, I have the best BFF anyone could ask for and it's just a bonus that she is my sticker partner in crime.

Happy Friday Penny!

How has your week been? I'm in Chicago for a short family reunion weekend before we (finally) fly to our end destination - NEW YORK CITY!! It's been a long time coming and all of us are itching to settle down into our new digs after the last month of travel.The Hello Kitty craze is REAL - and we're getting SO much love for our new Sticker Club! As I mentioned last week, it was a good thing we did a second print run for the first month of our new Hello Kitty And Friends Sticker Club (the first one sold out in no time flat). That said, even though we printed THREE times as many kits on the second run, we are almost sold out. We will not be able to do multiple print runs next month - so tell your friends to grab a spot in the club if they haven't already!It's been a week of super late nights working for me, so I'm looking forward to a beer and brat at the Cubs game, and eating as much deep dish pizza as possible. I hope your weekend involves something delicious, something fun, and something pink!

 Lots of love,

p.p.s. We love your letters! Send happymail to us at Pipsticks, P.O. Box 13260, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406.
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