Fan Mail Friday: "Hello fellow sticker nerds!"

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Hello fellow sticker nerds!! This note is long overdue- I can't thank you enough for the joy I get every month when your sparkly envelopes land in my mailbox. You reignited the fun, arty, inner tween I didn't know I was missing until she was back :) Your stickers reminded me how much I loved snail mail and I've reconnected with family and found new pen pals all over the world. Stickers have also been a great coping mechanism during covid lockdowns and through some major mental health struggles with one of my kiddos. I loved being able to visit your store and craft space before your retail space closed-fingers crossed there's another one in the future. I love basically every thing you do, but especially the rainbows, dinosaurs, dragons, and washi. My all-time favorite sticker sheet is the sloths doing jazzercise - kudos to whatever genius thought that one up! I'd love to see a collaboration wiht Gemma Correll or Jerrod Maruyama in the future - maybe even Lisa Congdon? Sending all the sticker love your way - keep up the great work Mo and team! - Stephanie

Happy Friday Penny! WHOA! We knew you guys were hungry for more Sticker Keepers but man, YOU WERE HUNGRY FOR MORE STICKER KEEPERS!! We listed another run of keepers earlier this week and they're almost gone - so if you were waffling, don't walk, RUN before they're gone! So, are you ready for tonight's Pipsticker Happy Hour?! I'm hanging out with my friend, Anthony Stickerman (he's seriously a magical unicorn of a human being) tonight at 5pm PST in our Sticker Lovers Facebook Group!! We'll be unboxing our May Sticker pack, talking all things stickers, and giving each other lots of compliments :) Pour yourself a tea or cocktail, grab your stickers and come hang out! Hope your weekend includes rest and something fun!

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"Hey Mo & the Gang! I saw Pipstickers for the first time Last fall, Aug-Sep maybe, and knew I HAD to be a part of this. I subscribed immediately and also order beyond that. I'm bedridden & sick, so I use your stickers to constantly decorate the envelopes for the cards I write in my volunteer group. They are so cute!! I'll have to show you sometime! ~ Melanie

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Hey Pipsticks! Just wanted to say hello from Pittsburgh and Heinz Hall, home of our orchestra 9and my workplace!) I miss having my sticker subscription but definitely have plenty saved. Hope I can join again soon if I get a raise! Love, stickers, and rainbows from the 'Burgh'! - Brigit

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