Easter Printable

Okay Peeps, its time to get your Easter egg on. planner shot This Easter printable is just what everybunny needs (couldn't resist!). What is it about a blank egg that makes our springtime heart go pitter patter? A blank slate, a white canvas, a true inspiration to create, easter eggs are the three dimensional call to artistic action! And, let's be honest: deviled eggs. That said, the internet has totally screwed us in terms of egg decoration. The Easter Bunny is no doubt all over Pinterest and has been wowed by all that is out there - namely so much more than just your standard, colorfully dyed egg. Well, we've got you covered. Simple, but smart, let our Easter egg printable be your blank slate and get your creativity flowing.  By the time Easter rolls around, you're eggs will be golden. Versatility is key: these eggs can be colored, painted, sticker-ed!  We've even set up holiday coupon code to make your kids' sticker game worthy of any Easter Egg. We've used our March Pipsticks sticker pack to really make the eggs pop - did we mention that the Easter Bunny LOVES stickers??

Easter printable

A few other ideas of how to use this sweet easter printable: planner clipsPrint them out 1/4 size and make planner clips with them. egg-coloringWhile the real eggs are boiling, keep the kids occupied coloring these. If they finish early, you can have these printables on hand too (they act as table protection too!) garland for everybunnyPrint them out on cardstock and cut them out to make an egg garland (did I just say "egg garland"?). matchy matchyPrint out a few pages and decorate them in twos to create your own memory match game. Or, cut them out to decorate an easter basket or use as a gift tag. For those of you interested in alternatives (or additions) to candy this year, you should also know that the Easter Bunny is one of our biggest subscribers (shhh, that's totally classified!). Get $5 off a Kids Club Classic sticker subscription through Easter.  
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- April 09, 2024

Just printing these out to take to our Easter weekend with friends – the kids are going to love them. Thanks!

Michelle Tan

- April 09, 2024

Easter is very fast approaching! I would definitely try this with my kids. Fun and Exciting :)

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