DIY: Easy Paper Gift Bows

We've got a quick and easy solution for jazzing up your holiday gifts...DIY Paper Gift Bows! Say goodbye to store-bought toppers, these pretty paper ribbons just might become your favorite go-to for any gift giving occasion. Supplies Needed:
  • Printed 8.5x11 (or larger) paper (we love using the patterned sheets that come with our Pro and Kids Printables). You could also use old magazine pages!
  • Double-sided tape (permanent, not removable)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  1. Cut paper lengthwise into 1.5” wide strips (cut 3 strips total). Trim ends off of the paper strips so that they measure: 11” length | 9.5” length | 6” length. Cut an additional strip of paper in half and notch the ends to make your bow's “ribbons” (optional).
  2.Make a loop out of each strip of paper, overlapping the ends slightly and securing with double-sided tape. 3. Repeat with all 3 strips (not including the notched end pieces). You will end up with three paper loops and two notched "ribbon" pieces. 4. Place a small piece of double-sided tape inside the center of each of the two larger loops and press down to adhere and create each bow shape. 5. Layer the smaller bow piece on top of the larger bow piece and connect them together with a piece of tape, then attach the small loop to the top center with a piece of tape to complete your gift bow. Use double-sided tape to attach finished bow to your wrapped gift (they look awesome on wine bottles...or for use as festive decor too!
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- April 09, 2024

Great idea!!

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