Behind the sticker love: Meet Krista

This week, to celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm sharing what I'm most thankful for around the Pipsticks HQ: my ridiculously awesome team! We wanted to make things easy on you guys, so Krista's got some fancy Black Friday deals for you! No waiting in line, no fighting over who gets the last Tickle-Me-Elmo, just easy-peasy, online shopping (TODAY ONLY): >>> 50% off the 1st month of all regular (non-gift) sticker subscriptions (use code: HEYPACKMONKEY) >>> 35% off  all Kids Gift Boxes (use code: HEYKRISTA) Don't forget! This month, we're donating a sticker pack to Compass Family Shelter for each Kids Subscription and Kids Gift Subscription sold through December! There are those weird codes again... keep reading for the inside joke :) sign1 Name: Krista Title: Sticker Monkey Nicknames: Pack Monkey & Packy Sign: Sagittarius. However, I thought I was a scorpio until last year. When have you felt most cool? When I wear my Tupac Shoes great-taste What’s your favorite place to be? In the woods, drinking Bourbon. What can't you live without? Honey (my pup). She’s a lab/bloodhound/Rottweiler/mountain lion/unicorn mix and my number one partner in crime! If you could rename yourself what name would you choose? Pack Monkey, is that weird? cali-girl-large How many coffees do you have a day? That’s a bad question to ask me… umm 6 to 8? What’s one thing the Sticker Squad doesn’t know about you? Ummm, that’s a hard one…. I’m a pretty open person. Let’s see…. I kind of want to be a personal trainer! honey-pic What are you into? Dancing to pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard, Country Music – the Dixie Chicks are my favorite fo’ sho’! Honey, my pup. Anything outdoors, camping, running, hiking, swimming, pool hopping. Can you give us one camping tip? Bring extra Bourbon! Thanks Packy! Fun fact: Krista was my first full-time employee :) sig_krista Friday, Nov 25th ONLY: >>> 50% off the 1st month of all regular (non-gift) sticker subscriptions (use code: HEYPACKMONKEY) >>> 35% off  all Kids Gift Boxes (use code: HEYKRISTA)   p.s. Check back all week to get some killer buys and cyber schmooze the amazing peeps behind the sticker love... If you're just tuning in, meet Jackie and Katie.
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- April 09, 2024

I’m excited to get this for my kindergartner for her birthday but the code doesn’t work.

I’m also wondering if you have a referral program. I think a lot of my mom friends would love this for their kids.

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