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I'm feeling like a total noodge (yes, mom language, I know) because I've had this Bando Planner (AKA Bando Agenda) post almost done and ready to share for AGES. But, when I found out that the Agendas are selling out, it finally lit some serious fire under my booty, to proof and POST! Planners are serious FUN! I got a few of the 2016-2017 planners sent to Pipsticks HQ because we are obsessed with any and everything around here. So, here's an insider, super secret, spectacular sneak peek! These planners are next level in terms of organization, functionality, and overall (and most importantly) looks. The cute factor is seriously OFF THE CHARTS.  From the built in tabs, the stickers (hello!!), to the original illustrations and mini inspirational quotes throughout, Bando Planners have everything you're little planning heart desires ? bando planner size comparison 2 Thanks to Jen Gotch and the creative team behind Bando, I have finally found a planner that is as colorful as I am and will keep me on track for months (17 months to be exact).  So without further ado...


First things first, the Planner cover designs! Whether it's Black and white Keith Haring style, a sweet floral, the "I Am Very Busy" blue, or color swashed, choosing a design will be a struggle.  They are all so pretty (like so pretty that you'll totally try to convince yourself that you need one of each)! The Planners also come in different sizes! Classic, medium, and large. The classic has a spine, while the medium and large are spiral bound. medium floral bando planner One of my personal favorites is the "Lady of Leisure" pink floral Planner. Each planner also has a handy dandy elastic band closure to help the pesky cover from opening when being toted around. Especially helpful for people like me who tend to jam loads of crap inside and then leave a paper trail as I carry my planner around! august bando planner spread "Here Comes the Fun" is right.  The obsession is real, I love the graphic designs for each month!  Flipping through the Planner is fun in and of itself.  It just doesn't stop as you go through each page: first page bando planner One of the first things you'll want to do in this Planner (after doing a quick happy dance when you first receive it) is CLAIM it! Thankfully has thought of everything and there is a line just for your name on the first page. You'll likely get a little childhood rush, like you used to do when you put your name in your very own STICKER BOOK ? bando planner sticker spread OMG cute sticker alert! At Pipsticks, we are obv no stranger to cute stickers and these  stickers are C. U. T. E. ??  ??  Round of applause! And, they're bound right in, so you can take them with you :) march bando planner spread IF the stickers included in the Planner aren't enough, also has two different sticker books that you can purchase in a bundle.  Those sticker books plus the Pipsticks Pro Packs and your planner will be totally decked out. bando planner month with pipsticks stickers Each month is equipped with a monthly layout that covers two pages and, as an added bonus, has written down the MOST important holidays for you! (you know, like National Cereal Day, Ice Cream Day, etc.) may bando planner spread What did I say about Planner's cute graphics?! bando planner pipsticks page clips 600x600 Each day has plenty of space for all that you've got going on + your beautiful planner bling. bando planner june week spread + washi tape Also, you can consider this planner your own little cheerleader: there are little notes written throughout to remind you that you ROCK! Example as seen above: "You're a total champ." It's as if Bando knew just when you needed that little bit of encouragement. This set of pencils not included but they are super awesome and also equipped with cute phrases! bando planner october cats spread It's like the graphics keep getting better and better - no surprise as they hired a crack team of super cool illustrators! In conclusion, how have any of us lived this long without owning a Planner (or EVERY Planner)?! Do you have one? What do you think of it?! How are you using your Pro Club stickers in your planner? Total inspiration for our 2017 Sticker Book :) Mo xoxo p.s. Interview with The Rachel Mark, Lots of color inspiration
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Deborah Young

- April 09, 2024

I love the looks of the planner, especially with the adorable stickers! I may have to add one to my collection some time.

Russ Osmer

- April 09, 2024

very nice post, i definitely enjoy this amazing site, persist with it


- April 09, 2024

I just have to say….I ADORED September’s Pro Club pack…my first ever….and October’s was twice as awesome! I can’t wait to see next month’s!! And I may have to find one of these nifty looking planners to use them in…or I can just continue filling my journal book with them…hmmm decisions, decisions! :D

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