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We're totally wannabees (am I completely dating myself with that phrase or do people still say it?). We WANT to have a brick-and-mortar sticker shop. I dream of what my shop would look like - the stuff real sticker dreams are made of. Just imagine it with me for a sec: stickers on the roll as far as the eye can see; walls of washi tape; collector puffies from across the world; a comfy couch with old sticker albums for us veteran sticker lovers to peruse over a cup of delicious coffee and a pink sprinkled donut.  Stickers + donuts = duh. There I go again with the old-school lingo. IMG_5203 2 Well, I'm afraid I have to rain on our collective parade and break the news that this dream is far in coming. And, until it's realized, we'll have to do our best with something a bit less permanent. So, for now, we're dabbling (when time permits) in pop-ups. shop-up_la-nicki_sebastian_photography-5 (1) this gorgeous photo by Nicki Sebastian

The ShopUp

We have a long history of collaborations with one of our favorite blogs, This "mom blog" was created by three amazing women who have incredible taste (and super cute kids).  They are tastemakers in the best sense and incredibly supportive of moms across the world, as they themselves reside in different cities. Babyccino identified the lack of opportunity for online retailers to get in front of their customers in person and so have created a series of international pop up shopping events (AKA ShopUp) for moms in the know. It is the perfect place to find anything for the little one in your life. The ShopUp started in London (we were at the London ShopUp only three months after Pipsticks launched!), and has travelled to NYC and, most recently to LA. shop-up_nicki-sebastian-photography_lombardi-house_los-angeles-26 It took place in The Lombardi House which is stunning. Vendors were outside and they had activities and food inside this dream venue. Can you imagine anywhere more light and festive? So LA! Also, the whole place was surrounded by kumquat trees which I happen to be obsessed with at the moment. I was sneaking them throughout the event! manis and coffee I convinced my sister to fly down to LA from Seattle and meet me there for the ShopUp. The two of us scoured LA for good coffee and vegan chow (don't ask), and spent time packing stickers and catching up into the early hours of the morning. Oh, and I got this amazing pink mani that I couldn't take my eyes off all weekend. It was awesome. IMG_5709 We had new biz cards printed recently and they were very well received. How could they not be with PINK EDGES?! business cards Naturally, our station was loaded with stickers, stickers, stickers. On the roll, in boxes, in bags, on bunting!! We created special sticker gift boxes that were a huge hit - PERFECT to have on hand for birthday parties (newsflash: now these sticker gift boxes are the first and only product listed in our just-launched, soon to be legendary Etsy store). sticker box Rolls of stickers just waiting to be shared with little ones, friends, and family! The only downside: I was seriously craving hot dogs all weekend hanging out around these stickers. IMG_5123 Fun colored pencils for those mamas that wanted instant entertainment for their kiddos so they could shop, haha! colors! And of course, washi tape. The jury was completely split on which color combo they liked better. Which one would you go for? IMG_5457 In addition to meeting so many amazing locals, it was great to finally meet so many other small business owners (many of whom had their sisters there to help too!). shop-up_nicki-sebastian-photography_lombardi-house_los-angeles-200 photo by Nicki Sebastian There are so many awesome things about running an online business, but one thing I miss is chatting endlessly over this or that (namely, what your favorite sticker was in your collection, how kids today are totally missing out on the joy of sticker trade, the fact that I have an "in" with the producer of oilies, etc etc). Though I talked nonstop for two days straight, it was such an energizing experience to get such great feedback face to face. Until the next Pop Up (or ShopUp) near you, join the Pipsticks sticker club and get a big dose of sticker love each and every month!
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