April 2016 Kids Club stickers!

My son may as well have had a peg leg this last year. I'll admit I was happy when he chose to be a pirate over a Ninja Turtle last Halloween, but I wasn't quite prepared for how long and aggressively he'd be into the pirate stage. Patches, stuffed birds, and "ARGGHH"s like you wouldn't imagine. All. The. Time. My kids are totally pumped when their Pipsticks arrive (couriered specially from our studio behind the house straight to our mailbox!), but this month my son FREAKED OUT. So much so in fact, that my daughter finagled his puffy bunnies in exchange for her sheet of jolly roger flags (and he LOVES puffies). You can see all the stickers in this month's Kids Club sticker pack below... https://youtu.be/2RvVroNS_mI (** Note ** if April is your first month in the club, you may have received a different pack than the one above. All new subscribers receive a welcome pack their first month.) Do you know some creative kiddos that need stickers in their lives? Join the Kids Club and get amazing stickers next month ? Mo xoxo p.s. You can find videos of our other sticker packs here!
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