Fanmail Friday: "I smile and admire my new sticker: a perfect chocolate chip cookie"

Jacinta understood the Sticker Love Story assignment!!!
Dear STICKERS, The year is 1998. In my hand-me-down Power Rangers sweatshirt, I stand in the hallway of my elementary school. Facing my locker, I smile and admire my new sticker: a perfect chocolate chip cookie. I scratch to reveal the familiar scent that reminds me of home. I didn't know it at the time, stickers, but that one perfect circle would begin a 24 year love affair with you. You know that I had some attachment issues in te early 2000s. I was clingy. I couldn't et go and allow you to fulfill your true purpose. And then there was that break... But why live in the past when I have the rest of my life to make it up to you?! I hope that I've given you enough attention these past years three years yo have proven my forever loyalty. with love, Jacinta
Stickers ♥, Happy Valentine's Day Love, Jacinta xoxo

Well, I'm not usually this person but IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY (and it would be awkward to write Fanmail Friday and not mention that, right?!).

It kind of snuck up on me this year what with all the Care Bears and Sticker Keepers excitement at work and I made NO plans which has actually been pretty amazing! I did an extra long morning routine (lots of time stickering my journal), took a walk by the ocean, and bought myself a new plant. Since I've had a low-key celebration this year, I plan to go out of my way to add in extra treats for myself (coffees with friends, dessert for breakfast, new lipstick) all month long. Good idea, right? Today I also spent a lot of time reading the Sticker Love Letters that have come in. I can't even begin to tell you how much these letters make me feel all the feels - the tears, the smiles, the stickers! I need a nap every time I go through them lol. As it’s Valentines day next week I've given us a free pass to cover the craft table at home with all the pink and red things and leave it a total mess as we continue our valentine making marathon. We got these scissors and have been making all kinds of fringe-y hearts which I'm obsessed with (highly recommend if they're not already in your craft closet!). Sending you virtual party vibes and wishing we could all be together for a massive sticker party (OMG wouldn't that be amazing?!). Maybe next year...

Lots of love,

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