3 Ways To Use Your March Pro Club Stickers

Spring has arrived ? And OMG it's March already! Time to celebrate and get creative with your new March sticker pack! Here's three ideas for how to use this month's stickers. You'll need your March sticker pack + postcard, a pen, scissors, paper, your planner, and maybe some washi! We hope these inspire you! 3D Sticker Vignette This DIY sticker sheet from the March pack is almost too cute to handle and is bringing us back to the days of playing dress up with paper dolls. We love it. But we thought we'd put it a spin on it and make a little 3D outfit to hang on your wall! Step by step details below :) Snail Mail Send. More. Mail. This is our current mantra around the studio, happy mail will always bring smiles to our faces! one of our favorite things about the new Pippy are the pattern pages - so we cut little strips of it to use on the postcard! Pro tips: address the postcard as your first step so you don't sticker over space you need to write in! And don't forget, more is more! Planner Spread This one's for sticker users - or for those of you trying to convert from a sticker collector to a sticker user ? Using stickers in your planner is one of the BEST ways to really use them. Plus, we love to do this with a specific month because they are all designed to go together, so it will always look good! There's so much opportunity, so have fun with it and don't overthink it - aka, use the sticker. ?
Show us what you make with your March stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?

Step By Step

3D Sticker Vignette First off you'll need to create the background! We used patterned paper to make it a bit more interesting! To make the outfit 3D you'll create two little paper squares but cutting a strip of paper and folding/coiling it up into a square and gluing the ends together. Then you'll glue one where the top will go and one for the bottoms! Then accessorize it and add more flair! We added black corners to give it a frame too.  
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- April 09, 2024

CanNOT wait to receive these! Love the look of the mini Pippy. ??


- April 09, 2024

I use a daily junk journal. I love using my stickers! I also have pen pals that I send snail mail to.

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