3 Ways to Use your March Kids Club Stickers

This month's Kids pack is totally inspired by spring and everything we love about it - gardening, flowers blooming, rainy days, bees buzzing! Here's a few crafts you can do with your March stickers to make the most of them and get you inspired! You'll need paper, a ruler, a pen and pencil, glue, scissors, and STICKERS! Paper Badge We love this tiny DIY at the studio! It's such a great way to showcase your favorite sticker, remember words of encouragement, and makes the cutest gift decoration! It's best to choose one sticker sheet you'll be showcasing, we used the Scratch 'N Sniff from the March Kids pack! Pop Up Card Who doesn't love a pop up card? They are so fun and surprisingly easy to re-create! It was so much making this Happy Spring card, check out the step by step details below for tips! Chore Tracker We will take any excuse to use stickers every day - including chores! This simple chore chart is easy to use (perfect for kids too!) and to make! Just create a grid on your piece of paper outlining the chores and days of the week. Post it on your fridge or anywhere you'll see it daily, with some sticker nearby to cross off chores with!
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Step by Step

Pop Up Card Cut and fold a card from one sheet of paper. in the center of the fold cut two 1 inch slits about an inch apart from each other, this will be the pop up! Unfold the card and fold the 1 inch indent inward so that it collapses on the inside of the card when folded. Make another card our of different paper to cover the indent! Now you decorate! We used the flower borders and tons of sparkly stickers from the March Kids pack :) For the pop up we used this kitty in a planter sticker! Stick it to the front of the pop out and be sure to add some paper behind the top of it so it doesn't stick to the card. Now it should pop up when you open it, how cute!!!  
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