3 Ways To Use Your September Stationery Box

  With the adorable washi and labels in this month's box, we were inspired to make some gift tags! We used paper from the memo pad and decorated each one with wahsi tape, labels, letters, and stickers from the box too. Then punch a hole in the top and attach some string! Voila, cute handmade tags! This month's letter stickers are super spooky and SO cute! The Pips team is kind of obsessed with them, plus they are SUPER fun to use. We decided to make our own coffee table letters out of them. We attached them to some paper and cut them out to make individual letters you can make words and notes with (OR you could stick them on mag et paper and make magnet letters for the fridge!). Since there are 5 sheets of these you have tons of letters! You are magic! And don't you forget it, by making this lovely wall hanging! Create your own sticker burst (or follow the suggested pattern) with the September Box's Sticker Burst Kit, to make a pretty piece of symmetrical art to hang on your wall. We thought this made the perfect background so we cut out the postcard from the Stationery Box and added it on top. Now you have a lovely reminder every time you walk past it! ?  
Show us what you make with your September stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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