3 Ways To Use Your September Kids Stickers

We love a good pun - I mean just take a look at any of our Pipsticker names, almost all of them are puns! ? And mix that with one of our favorite seasons, Halloween, you have our hearts! We made this cutie little party favor, love note, encouragement card, whatever you want to call it, with the September Kids Club and it's fab-BOO-lous! We cut out the ghost cat from the Little Pippy cover, attached some candy with washi tape, wrote a silly note, and adorned it with this month's stickers! Decorating something rather plain or boring is probably one of the best ways to use stickers. They instantly make anything more fun! This pencil box fit Pipstickers perfectly, so it was only appropriate to cover the box in stickers! The key is to have fun with it and not overthink your sticker placement! With Halloween RIGHT around the corner what better craft than a candy goodie bag! Upcycling is so fun and the holographic pouch that your stickers come in every month can be SO handy. Plus we've made sure that the Pipsticks flag sticker on the front is removable, so you can make it into whatever you want! Label your goodie bag (we used a cutout from the Pippy coloring page) and add all your favorite stickers!
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