3 Ways To Use Your October Pro Stickers

It's been a while since we sticker-bombed something!!! And this October Pro pack has the perfect stickers for it - so many colors and different shapes and sizes. We cut out the letter "P" (you could do your initial ?) and went to town stickering! The best strategy is to start with larger stickers and then layer on smaller stickers so you cover the entire surface. Also letting stickers hang off the edge makes for an awesome effect once you trim them off! Happy stickering!
It's officially fall! Which means it's pumpkin decorating season! What better way to decorate pumpkins than with STICKERS ? The minis from this month's Pro pack were perfect for these baby pumpkins!
We love miniature things! Including mini mail ? Using a page from the Pro Pippy we made a tiny envelope, a little note, and cut-out stickers from the Pro pack to make our own sticker confetti! Ta-da, mini mail!
Show us what you make with your October stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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