3 Ways To Use Your October Kids Stickers

Who doesn't love pie??? We are gearing up for the holidays and eating allll the pie! Make your own to-go pie containers and decorate them with the October Kids stickers!!! First, cut out two triangles with sides to glue together and create your box. Then fold it all together and add your stickers! Create a Grateful Garland! Cut out paper leaves of different shapes and colors. Then each day add stickers to a leaf and write what you are grateful for that day! Bonus points if your message matches your sticker!
In case you missed it, the Little Pippy zine included in every Kid's pack has a coloring page when it's folded all the way out! Plus, they make the perfect place setting - fold out your Little Pippy coloring page at dinner time, and put out some stickers and pens for a fun activity!
Show us what you make with your October stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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