3 Ways To Use Your November Pro Club Stickers

Using the postcard from this November Pro pack we cut out the adorable nutcracker on the front, sticker bombed the back, and strung a string through the top for the perfect handmade ornament!
Sticker collage
We've been doing these "sticker therapy collages" as our friend Meri Cherry calls them in our traveler notebooks and OMG you have to try this. Just grab a bunch of stickers, maybe some washi and paint pens, and don't think, just create! It's really fun to see what comes up and how much lighter you'll feel after :)
Winter bucket list
It's that time of year! Keep all the things you want to get done this busy season to one little list, it really helps put your priorities in order and perspective ? There's even one in this month's Pippy to make it even easier! Add some stickers to each check off ? SHOW US WHAT YOU MAKE WITH YOUR NOVEMBER STICKERS #PIPSTICKSDIY  
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