3 Ways To Use Your November Kids Club Stickers

look and find
This DIY is from the archives but it holds up! either cover a gift or just grab any random box, and cover it with stickers (make sure each sticker is visible). Then create a Look and Find Key to attach to the box and list stickers to search for on the box. It makes a super fun activity for all ages, and really adds to any gift!
Recipe Card
Using the November Kids postcard, we turned it from snail mail to recipe card! Plus, the scratch 'n sniff gingerbread cookie stickers made the perfect addition.
snowglobe ornament
We picked up a few of these clear ornaments at the local discount store, but you can get them at any craft supply store too! Filled it with some glittery faux snow, and added our favorite stickers. Adorn a gift with your new creation or use it as a classic tree ornament! SHOW US WHAT YOU MAKE WITH YOUR NOVEMBER STICKERS #PIPSTICKSDIY  
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