3 Ways To Use Your May Pro Club Stickers

  Who doesn't love a rainbow? ? Anything in rainbow order just speaks to our souls ? Which is why we've designed a whole array of stickers this money in EVERY color of the rainbow! ? Which makes them a total dream to craft with! We have some fun crafty ideas to use your May Pro sticker pack this month, be sure to tag us on socials and use the hashtag #pipsticksdiy ? You'll need your May sticker pack + postcard, a pen, scissors, tree blank cards, washi tape, your planner or notebook! Rainbow Sticker Collage Sticker collaging but RAINBOW!!! Start on one corner with your first color, and slowly start to you the next color as you go along. For a clean look you can leave a little space between each sticker, like above, OR you can overlap your stickers for more of a sticker bombed look! ? Whoever get's your snail mail covered in this is sure to smile! ? Planner Spread Adding stickers to your planner is one of the BEST ways to use them! You'll see them every day an they can serve a great purpose beyond just looking cute ? We love to make mini collages or sticker scenes in our planer spreads, like we did with this washi tape! Sometimes randomly sticking them is the best way to go, let your creative process take over! Fancy Fold Card We LOVE making these next level cards! Fancy Fold cards, fold out 4 ways ? You'll glue two blank cards together, and cut the third card for mini fold outs on the top and bottom of the card. We like to use washi tape to attach things, make cute pockets or envelopes to hide stickers and other fun surprises! Let your imagination run wild, the more intricate the better unboxing experience!
Show us what you make with your April stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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