3 Ways To Use Your June Stationery Club Box

The June Stationery Box is all about astrology! ?? One sticker sheet for every sign, so you can create all the birthday cards imaginable, personalize your crafting, and get creative with the dreamiest celestial designs! We hope these three prompts inspire your creativity! Traveling Post Card Have you ever made a TPC before? It's short for Traveling Post Card! These are super popular in our Facebook Groups and is the best snail mail. All you do it pick a theme, if you want, for this we chose astrology! Then create sections of the post card with "name" and "location" on each. Fill out one spot with stickers aligned wiht the theme, put your name and location, then put the card in an envelope to send to someone else and they will do the same! The cycle repeats until the whole card is filled out, don't forget to put your return address somewhere so whoever finishes the card can send it back to you all complete. See our original TPC's here! Personalize Something This stationery box has every astrology sign in sticker form! The perfect opportunity to personalize your belongings. For this decor, we transferred the stickers in the same layout as they were arranged on the sticker sheet - this is our hot tip to constant sticker success! Journaling The June box comes with TWO zodiac inspired traveler notebooks, we hope you take this as your sign to journal! It truly has so many benefits ( stress reducing, boosts memory, improves confidence) AND can promote creativity! Collage your new washi, stickers, letters, and confetti to outline your journal entry and get the writing juices flowing!
Show us what you make with your June stickers & Stationery #pipsticksdiy  ?
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