3 Ways To Use Your June Kids Club Stickers

Summer is right around the corner and we can't wait to spend days at the beach, and of course crafting! Have fun exploring this under the sea themed sticker pack and making allll the memories. We have a few suggestions on what to do with your stickers and keep the creative juices flowing! Bookmark Sticker Garland Did you know our retro 2"x8" sparkly stickers are perfect for mirror image crafting? You can stick the same two designs together and they'll match perfectly. Which is exactly how we made this sticker garland! Plus this glitter finish is so pretty hung up in the sun ☀ Sticker Scene We often say stickers are like tiny works of art - because they are!!! And sometimes you just want to frame them ? This is the perfect craft for that favorite sticker you just want to look at alll the time. Create your sticker scene on a white piece of paper, then cut out a frame of another color paper to put over it, and add finishing touches! Ta da, a sticker scene for your wall, notebook, or desk!
Show us what you make with your June stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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