3 Ways To Use Your February Kids Stickers

DIY STICKERBURST You can make a stickerburst out of any Pipstickers! Use our blank guide board and grab your favorite sheets. You can either choose stickers that match perfectly or mix it up and find stickers that are the same size and shape. Extra credit if you choose a fun theme! Total sticker zen. ??‍♀ CORNER BOOKMARK Craft the cutest corner bookmark! Fold the top of a piece of card stock into a triangle and cut off the bottom portion. Secure with a sticker and decorate with your favorite Pipstickers! Then cozy up for an afternoon of reading! MINI COMIC BOOK POW! CRACK! BOOM! SMASH! Craft your own mini comic book starring your fave Pipsticker superheros! Fold a piece of card stock and divide the page into quadrants. Create a story with your stickers and add fun little details.  
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