3 Ways To Use Your December Pro Club Stickers

Postal workers thank you card
This year, in addition to the goodie basket that I leave on my front porch for delivery drivers, I'm including a fun Postal Worker note! Our mail carriers, UPS drivers, and FED EX heroes work so hard over the holidays. Let's reward them with a sweet personalized postcard. Add a short note and your favorite stickers, and done!
Pen Pal Flipbook
   Remember pen pals!? I loved having pen pals in Middle School, and I still love sending snail mail notes as an adult! Adorn a flipbook with your favorite stickers and enclose in a care package with your favorite long-distance friends!
Stickerbombed Present
   The best gift wrap is personalized, colorful, and super sparkly! Decorate plain white or kraft gift wrap with your fave stickers and washi to create one-of-a-kind gift wrap! SHOW US WHAT YOU MAKE WITH YOUR DECEMBERSTICKERS #PIPSTICKSDIY      SHOW US WHAT YOU MAKE WITH YOUR DECEMBER STICKERS #PIPSTICKSDIY  
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