3 Ways To Use Your April Pro Club Stickers

CRAFT Month IS HERE!!! We've been wanting to do this theme for a sticker pack for sooo long, we could not wait to share it with you! We hope these crafty stickers inspire you to create ALL THE THINGS and maybe even pick up a new craft hobby?). But if you need a little nudge, here's three ideas for how to use this month's stickers! You'll need your April sticker pack + postcard, a pen, scissors, paper 9we used our April booster notepad), and that blank notebook that's been laying around just asking to be covered in stickers ? Decorate a blank notebook Sticker collaging is one of our favorite ways to sticker! This means covering a blank surface in stickers but leaving the same about of space in between each stickers, so they don't butt up against each other or overlap. It looks so clean and is incredibly satisfying to create! We decided to cover our craft ideas notebook with this month's craft stickers and were inspired by the craft shelves sticker sheet to be the guiding sticker for this layout! Snail Mail Crafty friends are the kind of the best! And our favorite part is you can send each other fun snail mail, cause who else will appreciate it more than your crafty friend? We used one of the pages from our Pippy as the main part of this postcard (if you haven't crafted with the Pippy yet you're missing out!!) and then added a ton of our favorite April stickers around it! Project Planner Template Do you make a project plan when you craft? Or are more of a go-with-the-flow kind of crafter? It's can actually be SO helpful! We planned out a necklace project - we were totally inspired by the Pin One On sticker sheet. Using stickers next to your materials makes a total difference to remind you exactly what you need ? Be sure to make room for a sketch portion, you'll probably need it!
Show us what you make with your April stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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- April 09, 2024

I love the notebook over idea!

B. Ramos

- April 09, 2024

Can’t wait for my first sticker pack!! Looks like I joined at the perfect time, so colorful!

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