3 Ways To Us Your December Kids Stickers

Stickerbomb Framed Scene
  This DIY is super fun and guaranteed to get the kiddos off those screens! Choose a destination (NYC always hits!)! Then cut a piece of paper or card stock, place your stickers (or draw your own!) destination design inside the blank paper, and surround the scene with festive and fun-themed stickers!
Tis the season for homemade, personalized snow globes! These make such fun gifts. Pick up a simple white snow globe at your local craft store. Then add stickers and any other goodies to the inside and outside of your snow globe! VOILA! Instant personalized gift.
  Easiest. Stocking Stuffer. Ever. Homemade bookmarks! Cut card stock in whatever shape you love, and then choose your fave stickers to create a totally customized stocking stuffer or teacher gift. Done and done. SHOW US WHAT YOU MAKE WITH YOUR DECEMBER STICKERS #PIPSTICKSDIY   
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