3 Ways To Use Your December Hello Kitty and Friends Stickers

Planner Spread
Any planner could you some Hello Kitty stickers, right? This month's pack is perfect for planning, there are even "to do" and "reminder" stickers included! Turns out, added super cute Hello Kitty and Friends stickers to your daily to do list, makes it wayyy less daunting.
Using the postcard form this month's pack as the top of our mobile! We added string and stickers hangin down from it to make a celestial, out of this world Hello Kitty and Friends mobile. Hang it up to give your space a little extra color and cuteness!
Not sure what to do with that zip top bag all your adorable stickers come in? Well the possibilties are endless. Our favorite is create your very own journal sticker pocket! Cut off the bottom and attach to the inside of your planner or journal with washi tape. Now you can keep all your stickers in one on-the-go spot! SHOW US WHAT YOU MAKE WITH YOUR DECEMBER STICKERS #PIPSTICKSDIY   
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- April 09, 2024

This is a great idea. I will reuse the zip log bag. I don’t throw them away because they are pretty!!

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