2018 May Kids Club Printables

Are you going anywhere this summer? Well, whether you’ve got road trips, plane rides, or bike rides in your future, we want you to think about SPACE travel this month! If Mars was colonized, would you want to visit? Or move there? What would you bring with you? Who would you invite to join? Mo xoxo DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE KEEP IN TOUCH > These interstellar postcards will help you keep in touch with your fellow earthlings while you’re away. Color them in, then cut out, fold on the middle line and glue back to front. Write, stamp, and post! TRAVEL PLANS > What will you bring with you to space? Think about what the weather might be, what activities you’ll enjoy, and what you’ll want on the spaceship while you journey to your destination. Draw all the things you want to pack! PLANT YOUR FLAG > If you were given a planet, what would you name it? Draw all the things that you’d want on your planet, then decorate the spaceship that you’d park in your space garage... COLOR BY NUMBER > Do colors look the same in space? Use our color guide to find out! ALIEN DECODER > Aliens speak their own language. Use this decoder to write the letters above their corresponding symbols to find out what they have to say! DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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