2018 April Kids Club Printables

What’s your favorite animal? I love giraffes most - their crazy spots, their amazing necks. They are beautifully designed! Have fun coloring, matching, cutting out, and spotting the zoo animals in this month’s printables! Mo xoxo DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE ALL EYES ON YOU > You can tell a lot about someone from their eyes - draw them on these animals to make their expressions one-of-a-kind! HOMEBODY > Color and cut out the animals on the page and place them in the habitats at the zoo. Did any escape from their places? COLOR BY NUMBER > Animals come in all shapes, sizes, and COLORS! Use the color guide to color these ones in. ALL IN THE FAMILY > Match the baby to its mama! HUNGRY MONKEY > We know monkeys like bananas. What else did this one eat for break fast? Draw all the foods in its big belly! DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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