2018 June Kids Club Printables

DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden - luckily, my neighbor lets us pick tomatoes and kale from hers next door! This month’s farm yard printables are all fun (with none of the stinkiness that sometimes comes with a chicken coop or pig pen!). Have fun! Mo xoxo ANIMAL DETECTIVE > color the picture then track the footprints to see who’s been through the vegetable patch. COLORING PAGES > These funny farm animals have found their way into our printables pack! PLANT YOUR GARDEN > Color the vegetables, then cut them out and put them on the seed packets. You can even take them outside and pretend to plant your very own vegetable garden! COUNTING SHEEP > How many sheep are hiding in the sky? FARM PUPPETS > Color and cut out the barn and use it as the set for your very own puppet show. Color and cut out the animals on the next page, then tape them to the top of a pencil and act out your favorite stories! DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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