2018 July Pro Club Printables

DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE I have little time for self care these days, and so I take a few minutes every day to daydream about my happy place - which happens to be Palm Springs! I love the colors, shapes, and personality of the city and did my best to channel the vibe into this month’s printables! Carve out a bit of time for reflection and use the listing prompts from this month’s packs to think about your happy place. Cheers to Palm Springs on the mind! Mo xoxo JOURNALING CARDS > Use these as journaling cards, write your favorite summer recipes on them to share with friends, or keep them on hand for thank you notes. PRETTY PAPER > What is it about monstera leaves that is so cool? The graphic shape complements these pretty pink polka dots for a letterhead that’s sophisticated and timeless. It also fits perfectly into the envelope on the next page! LISTS > I love mindmaps, which is why these free form lists are such a fun alternative to the typical columns and rows! Use the central prompt, and write all of your great ideas around it! DOODLER > Your creative challenge of the month is to fill these tropical leaves with all sorts of different patterns! Use a fine black pen, or try out a new color palette as you doodle away. PATTERN PLAY > Is it hot where you are? Fold up these pretty patterned papers into fans and use them as place cards or invitations to an end-of-summer bash! DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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