2018 July Kids Club Printables

DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE The other day we found a GIANT jelly fish on the beach. It got my kids and I talking about all the MILLIONS of sealife under water that we never even see. This month’s printables include loads of fancy fish! Put them in a fish tank, or decorate them to be the most tropical of tropical designs - you’ll have a gorgeous school of swimmers by the time you’re done! Mo xoxo FISH SCALES > This fish lost his scales!! Color all the scales on the following page, then cut them out and past them on the blank fish to make it shine. HOME SWEET HOME > Color and cut out these things that you might find in a fish tank, then past them into the big empty tank on the next page! LOOK AND FIND > Get out your laser vision and look for the things in the box. Swim through the swirling waves to find them and check them off the list! COLOR PARTY > Did you know that some fish glow in the dark? Some blend in with their surroundings, and some have crazy patterns to keep them safe from predators. What will your fish look like? DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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- April 09, 2024

so fun!!! the girls can’t wait to dig in to their new sheets thank you so much

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