2018 January Pro Printables

My desk top is pretty much a mess of red, pink, and black paper throughout the lead up to Valentine’s Day! I love keeping supplies ready so I can slap together a collaged card if I get an extra few minutes (now sending them is another story!). This month, I’ve focused on my new favorite note - a paper fortune cookie. They’re super fun, and you can make them with any patterned paper you have. Lots of love, Mo xoxo DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO PRINTABLES HERE LLAMA LOVE > Are you obsessed with llamas? I don’t know what it is, but I can’t resist anything with a llama on it these days! ALL WE NEED IS... > Sometimes it’s the simplest phrases that strike the deepest chord. I have this printed and hung at home in my kids’ room, and at the Pipsticks Studio (love this font lately)! PAPER COOKIES > These are addictive. You can get as cheeky or as cute as you want with the messages - the more you make, the easier they are. Whether you‘re delivering them one at a time, or presenting them heaped in a big bowl, they’re SUPER fun. PATTERN PLAY > I always think about mindless doodling when it comes to Valentine’s Day - scrawling the name of my crush again and again across my notebook while chatting with my BFFs was typical, and so it feels right at this time of year. Use these for card making, special decorations, or gift wrapping! DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO PRINTABLES HERE
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