2018 January Planner Printables

So, I am obviously a fan of pink. And, recently, I saw it next to a lemon yellow and my heart just skipped a beat. This month’s printables are full of love. Not the hit-you-over-the-head, mushy kind of love, but the sweet, simple kind! Your planner will look as gorgeous as you do, and will be a great reminder to LOVE yourself this month! Mo xoxo STICKER PARTY > Ooh, how I love this palette! It reminds me of something sweet, but has enough punch that it’s BOLD TOO! THINGS I LOVE > This month we’ve given you lots of room to think about all the things you love! Use the lists on the last page to write in your own theme... I LIKE YOU A LATTE > Cute dashboard for all you coffee lovers, or print this out and leave it on your Galentine’s doorstep with a hot cup of coffee! IF YOU FEEL SAD > Here’s some GREAT advice from someone who knew how to get things done beautifully! I am wrapping up my favorite red Mac lipstick in this and giving it to all the wonderful women in my life for Valentine’s Day! OOH LA LA > What is it about the French that is just so cool and irresistibly romantic? Print this, and put it everywhere :) PATTERN PLAY > There are so many fun valentine crafts out there - consider taking these outside of your planner!  
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- April 09, 2024

No full-size this month?


- April 09, 2024

I really liked when you guys added a full sheet of stickers. I loved having cut out stickers to stick all over that month that completely matched. And I like being able to print more of the same kind if I run out and want to continue the theme. :)

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