2018 August Pro Club Printables

DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE Pipsticks is FOUR this month, and we're celebrating with a festive lineup of printables! Make your own confetti, string a line of gift tags, and track your special wishes with this month's designs. Be sure to tag us so we can see how you're using your printables - and also to send any and all feedback when we send the survey around so we continue to make them better and better! Have a SUPER fun month, Mo xoxo JOURNALING CARDS > Use these as journaling cards, write your favorite summer recipes on them to share with friends, or keep them on hand for thank you notes. PRETTY PAPER > What is it about monstera leaves that is so cool? The graphic shape complements these pretty pink polka dots for a letterhead that’s sophisticated and timeless. It also fits perfectly into the envelope on the next page! LISTS > I love mindmaps, which is why these free form lists are such a fun alternative to the typical columns and rows! Use the central prompt, and write all of your great ideas around it! DOODLER > Your creative challenge of the month is to fill these tropical leaves with all sorts of different patterns! Use a fine black pen, or try out a new color palette as you doodle away. PATTERN PLAY > Is it hot where you are? Fold up these pretty patterned papers into fans and use them as place cards or invitations to an end-of-summer bash! DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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