2018 April Pro Printables Club

Though I’m generally not super into trendy stuff, it makes me so happy that the taco craze is a thing. I love it when I can actually manage to eat tacos on a Tuesday, and (much like meatballs) feel like I want them alllll the time. I also love tacos for what they represent: a simple little pleasure! They’re cheap, easy to find, and casual - which makes them easy to share with friends - which makes them FUN! This month’s cheeky taco printables should help you to take life a little less seriously :) Mo xoxo DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE MINDMAP > You can use mindmaps for any and everything: projects, packing lists, to-do lists, journaling. This taco map will add a bit of lightheartedness to the task at hand (ie: it made my Budget Priorities doc a lot more fun to look at)! Write your big idea in the middle and build categories (and sub categories) as you get going. QUIZ > Take a creative break and complete during your lunchbreak, fill one out with your BFFs and see how well you know them, or email it to your best dinner companion as an invitation to Taco Tuesday. #AVOCADOGOALS > What’s the focus of your life these days? What do you want it to be? How can you make it happen? WHAT’S YOUR SIGN? > There’s something about bunting banners that’s super festive. Don’t wait for a party to use these though! Print and cut out the letters to spell your favorite quote, word, or mantra. Reduce the print size to adjust the dimensions of each flag. *BONUS POINTS FOR HANGING IT ON PRETTY STRING * PATTERN PLAY > Print these out and cut them up and leave on your desk to use as pretty scrap paper. Write out something that you appreciate about your sister/ partner/ co-worker and tape it to their door. DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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