Being in California, I have to work EXTRA hard to get in the holiday spirit (growing up with snow, it’s so different to be in the sun during December!). These decorations and stationery will help you kick off the party season, and stay festive through the month. Cheers to snowflakes - whether they’re made of paper or not :) Have a fantastic, fun, and festive holiday month! Mo xoxo p.s. As a little gift, I've put together a BONUS holiday pack for you below... DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO PRINTABLES HERE SOCK PARADE > Do you wear fun socks? It’s the season to splurge on socks that make you smile. These ones are the perfect decoration for whatever you need to jot down - a love letter, shopping list, or wishlist for the season! SNOW GLOBE > Draw a dreamy winter scene or capture your hopes and wishes! WRAPPA > A little inspiration to get your wrapping playlist together :) SNOWFLAKES > I can’t stop making 3D snowflakes! They’re so easy and SOOO pretty. I’m using them to top gifts, hang in windows, and hang on our tree outside (there’s no chance of snow in California)! GIFT TAGS > Whether you’re buying or making your gifts this year - couple this with some string or ribbon for the perfect wrapping. PATTERN PLAY > So many uses for patterned paper this month: cards, tags, wrapping, decorations! DOWNLOAD YOUR HOLIDAY BONUS PACK HERE
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