12 Days of Sticker Cheer: Giveaway 1

One of the things that I love most about the holidays is the no-holds-barred* attitude everyone has around having fun and just going for it (I type this while sipping on a venti peppermint mocha with extra whipped cream and a gingerbread biscotti)! So, in the lead up to Christmas - a day that incorporates lots of treats, gifts, and general indulgence - we thought we'd get you on track to celebrate big time with a parade of awesome stickertastic giveaways (clearly the sugar is going directly to my vocabulary)! Check out the winners!  Now that we've launched our *one stop sticker shop* we have a steady stream of even more awesome stuff for all you sticker lovers. We'll be giving away a combination of our own products as well as some MEGA prizes over the next twelve days (and by MEGA, I mean, MARK YOUR CALENDAR MEGA!).   Since this our first HUGE giveaway, we've put together an FAQ guide below... Cross your fingers, enter below, and I'll see you back here tomorrow (you might want to get a peppermint mocha too, just to be social!). Mo xoxo * The phrase "no holds barred" comes from wrestling, when no types of holds are barred - just in case you were wondering - just looked it up ;)! Day 1 - see below Day 2 - Retro Sticker Box Day 3 - Passion Planner Duo (for you & your bestie) Day 4 - Puffy Sticker Box Day 5 - Scratch n Sniff Sticker Box Day 6 - Pen Pal Sticker Box Duo (for you & your pen pal) Day 7 - ScentCo Lovers Dream Day 8 - Get to Workbook Planner Day 9 - Mega Family Giveaway Day 10 - 3 Months for you & 3 Months for a Friend Day 11 - $50 Gift Card Day 12 - We R Memory Keepers Mint Typewriter Check out the winners! 

Enter to win the Kawaii Sticker Box

1. Enter via the widget below. 2. Like us on Facebook and/or Follow us on Instagram. 3. Share our Facebook or Instagram post with the hashtags: #12DAYSOFSTICKERCHEER #LOVEPIPSTICKS #STICKERCHEER #PIPSTICKERCHEER and tag Pipsticks in your post. 12 Days of Sticker Cheer: Day 1 (Kawaii) How do you know what prizes we're giving away each day? Follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or check back here on the Pipsticks blog to find details on the contest. How do you enter? Enter via our daily blog post here. Each day, we'll tell you how to enter! When will winners be announced? All winners will be announced on December 27th. How will winners be announced? Winners will be contacted directly via email; we will also announce the winner here on the Pipsticks blog. How long do I have to claim my prize? If you are a winner (woo hoo!), you have 30 days from the date we announce the winnings to claim your prize. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy
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what have I created???

- April 09, 2024

I am completely in love with ❤️?❤️️??Pipsticks!!Unfortunatly,my daughter tries to beat me to the mailbox so she can pick what she likes out of my subscription so I’m thinking for the new year-I may have to get her her own subscription so I can have some of my own stickers!!!!what have I created???

Kelly vaughan

- April 09, 2024

Heart eyes


- April 09, 2024

? Love Pipsticks! ?


- April 09, 2024

fingers crossed my niece and nephews would love more stickers! Thanks for this! Xo


- April 09, 2024

pipstick makes us happy ♡ thank you very much for the adorable stickers, the posts, the inspire ♡ and the giveaeay chance

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