Go For The Goal Collection (Wholesale) by   Pipsticks

Out of Stock!

This Wholesale Collection, includes:

  • 6x Awesome Day Sticky Note Set (AS003503)
  • 6x Flag Me Down Sticker Sheet (AS003470)
  • 6x Makin' Plans Sticker Sheet (AS003477)
  • 6x Here's The Plan Washi Collection (AS003515)
  • 6x All The Things Notepad (AS003504)
  • 6x Currently Labels (AS003506)
  • 6x Creamy Dreamy Big Alphabet (AS003505)
  • 6x Go Slow Cardio Sticker Sheet (AS003474)
  • 6x Sweetness & Warmth Sticker Sheet (AS003465)
  • 6x Think Positive Sticker Confetti (AS003482)

*This collection is available for wholesale customers only.*

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